New Year’s Resolutions

The last two months have been equally exhilarating and hardcore.  Being apart from my family and working like a dog this holiday season has definitely put me off the holiday spirit.  The fact that The Bestie will be working on NYE and my favorite bar (MOE’S) is closed means that I may be having a lackluster New Years as well.  I don’t even have a dress. But I do have earrings…and these boobs. They can make a party happen in a cardboard box.

New Years Eve is my favorite holiday out of the whole year.  There’s something about freezing your ass off in a ridiculous outfit feeling the rush, not of my Malibu and pineapple juice, but of the possibilities of a new year.  This year, I actually accomplished all of my resolutions and goals. 2012 is going to be about appreciating my hard work and trying to chill the fuck out.  Accordingly, here are my resolutions.

  1. WORK LIFE BALANCE.  2011 was the first year since 2008 that I was employed the WHOLE YEAR full-time.  I scratched my way to a promotion and respect. And now I have the awesome task of making myself so needed that I don’t get fired and creating a life work balance.  Not running yourself into the ground isn’t just for mothers…
  2. MAKE DATING A PRIORITY.  This year my job was my main focus. I don’t apologize for that.  However, my drought is so old that if it were a toddler, it would be learning how to read.  That is UNACCEPTABLE.  My once impeccable mackin skills haven’t been exercised in quite some time, just like my abs.  When I talk to the Gay Husband about the issue, he says that if I live the life that I truly desire, then I will just bump into men who have the same interests.  My interests are theater, fashion blogs, fondue, and crocheting.  Don’t find many straight men into that! But, I’m willing to try anything new! I’m going to live the life I want.  And subscribe to  Something’s gotta give, right?
  3. PUT THE TECH DOWN.  Everywhere I go, I am plugged into something.  I read my nook on the subway; my earbuds are in immediately out of the subway; I put my phone on the bar whenever I am out and check it incessantly; I just got a new IPAD. I listen to music to avoid paranoid schizophrenics, yes, but while I’m turning up favorite Mary J. Blige tune, I miss out on the cutie right beside me, or worse, walk into a pole.  I walk into things a lot.  That being said, I need to learn HTML in a hurry so I can update my blog!
  4. GET HGTV’D.  I’m becoming more in love with my apartment.  I’m going to be the biggest dinner party thrower in Brooklyn.  It’s cheaper and I can pass out immediately after. Win Win.  I began renovating my space this year, and I cannot think of a better way to have spent my money.  I always forget about the clothes I buy, but I always smile when I think of me and The Bestie spending $100 at Home Depot to make my place a more inviting place, a place that reflects the woman I have become.
  5. IT’S TIME TO TAKE A VACAY.  I haven’t taken a vacation in over 3 years.  It’s time to fix that.  Vegas, Berlin, Miami, farm in Vermont, France, here I come!
  6. GET OUTTA CREDIT CARD DEBT.  No celebrity female has changed my life more than Suze Orman.  I’m not going to have a maxed-out IRA or all my student loan debt paid off, but I can get out of credit card debt this year and stash away a couple thousands just in case I need something important (a new car, that new Kate Spade bag, or an abortion).  The less bills to pay the better.
  7. MY ASS, MYSELF.  When I look in the mirror, I usually see a big, fine woman looking back at me.  It’s taken what feels like a lifetime to get comfortable with my body and its ever changing skin.  But I’m clear.  I want to live a good, long, healthy life. If I want to accomplish that, I need to stop eating muffins and get on a treadmill.  I don’t care about numbers, just the exhilarating feeling I have after Zumba.  This year’s goal is running a 5k.

I don’t know if I can get it all done, but I plan to try. Striving for something constantly makes life worth living.  I look forward to living, truly living, in 2012.  And I look forward to sharing it all with you.


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