Split Second Happiness

Lately, I have been a hot mess.  My stomach is all tied in knots.  I don’t want to eat; then I eat like there is no tomorrow.  I need copious amounts of rest just to answer the phone and pretend to be polite. “Move out my way!” my elbow shouts to the side of the passenger who is taking just a little too much time to get off the subway.

It doesn’t take much to figure out why.  I can’t decide which job I want. My lungs are giving into asthma attacks. I had the worst date OF ALL TIME. And my plans to move in with a roomie and save money have been dashed against a rock. I am usually an excellent problem solver, but when I’m confused about every aspect of my life (professional, financial, romantic, familial, demographic!), I am so overwhelmed that even my best attempts at coping feel like solving a rubix cube.

One of my good friends told me recently that the best way at finding a mate was to be “aggressively, authentically you.”  Screw finding a man. I’m going to use the strategy to find something I need much, much more: peace of mind.

And so, armed with his words, and the wondrous words of Beatrice Clay, I am listing 5 ways in which I, Kel Daroe, can have a more beautiful life. Like Now.

  1. Eating watermelon or popsicles.  This sounds hokey, but they INSTANTLY transport me to my childhood in Mississippi. Trying not to get the juice on my clothes, catching fireflies, and reveling in the joys of summer.
  2. Watching the antics of this little guy.
  3. Reading and obsessing about anything having to do with nail art. Seriously!
  4. Reacquainting myself with the old classics.  Did you know that Sherlock Holmes was a coke fiend? I totally skipped over that part in middle school.
  5. Taking the time out to talk to my best friend. For a long time. About absolutely nothing.

Oh, and one for extra credit…White wine. Self explanatory.

Even making that list eliminated a ton of stress and made me smile! Lesson learned.  Gratitude and small acts of kindness, even to yourself, are self-fulfilling prophecies.  I still can’t figure shit out. But who cares as long as I have a glass of wine along with Sherlock and Watson to figure it out for me.

What are your quick fixes for nirvana and split second happiness? Do share!

3 thoughts on “Split Second Happiness

  1. LOVE! #1 and #5 are on my top ten things that make me happy list! I literally have just become obsessed with NAIL ART TOO LOL. I have a whole pin board devoted to it. I got a mani a couple of days ago and went out on a limb and got TWO COLORS….WOOT! I am staring at my nails now and I just got a jolt of happy. Keep at creating your more beautiful life K and writing. I do enjoy your writing voice!

  2. This really spoke to me as well. I was in the midst of a serious depression spiral and this small, yet powerful act of being grateful daily has been a huge catalyst of HAPPINESS for me. I’m blessed beyond measure!

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